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You're Right. Parrots Would Be Better.

File this one under “kids say the darndest things” and “you can’t make up this kind of dialogue.”

A seven-year-old friend of my daughter was eating dinner with her family. As her parents extolled the virtues of eating vegetables (a discussion found very often around dinner tables when kids are young), the little girl obediently spooned some peas and corn onto her plate. She dispiritedly stirred the servings together, making a vegetable medley of sorts. After she took a small bite, her face brightened considerably.

“Hey, mommy. I like these. I mixed together the peas and corn, and I like them. Peas plus corn equals porn. Look, I made porn! And I really love porn!”

After smothering his laugh, the dad turned to the mom and said, “I think the next time we should make peas and carrots!”

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